Did Kira cheat on Bareil with Tom Riker?

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Did Kira cheat on Bareil with Tom Riker?

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Did Kira cheat on Bareil with Tom Riker?

Post by marsh8472 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:44 pm

In episode "Defiant"


DAX: Who's in there?
KIRA: What?
DAX: Who's in with Benjamin?
KIRA: Oh, it's Will. Commander Will Riker from the Enterprise.
DAX: Will Riker.
KIRA: You know him?
DAX: Yeah, I met him a year ago at Quark's. He's quite a dabo player. Do you know him?
KIRA: Yes, a little. I met him at Quark's last night.
DAX: You met him last night and?
KIRA: And we talked.
DAX: And then?
KIRA: And then we talked. For three hours. No, we just talked. And yes, he's a warm, charming man, but I'm involved with someone.
DAX: Of course. So why do you keep glancing back at Sisko's office?

They had a 3 hour dinner together and they kiss at the end although Tom was the one that initiated that. Do you think that counts as cheating on Bareil?

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