Explanation for Worf's Tractor Beam Premonition? (from "Q Who")

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Explanation for Worf's Tractor Beam Premonition? (from "Q Who")

Post by marsh8472 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:20 pm

During the conference scene Worf chimes in and tells Picard that the Borg have locked a tractor beam on the Enterprise. We hear the chime noise a second before the camera switches away from the view screen where we have a good view of the entire borg ship and no tractor beam in sight. In addition to the second of view screen after Worf's chimes in, I would also expect there to be several seconds that would have elapsed between when the Borg lock a tractor beam, Worf to notice, and Worf to push the button to chime in to the conference room.

It would appear from this visual evidence that Worf may have had foreknowledge about the Borg's intentions to lock on a tractor beam. I'm trying to think of how he knew. Here's some ideas to start out:

1) The view screen is on a time delay of several seconds and is not showing a live feed of the Borg ship.
2) The view screen filters out the spectrum of light that the tractor beam admits
3) Enterprise sensors can detect a tractor beam lock several seconds before it's visible
4) Q was preventing the tractor beam from showing on the screen to delay their response a bit
5) Advanced foreknowledge from a temporal anomaly gave Worf precognition abilities like in episode "Cause and Effect"
6) A temporal distortion caused parts of the enterprise to exist in different time periods similar to Voyager episode "Relativity" where Neelix calls the doctor the mess hall about a sickness and the doctor receives the message and arrives at the mess hall before it occurs
7) Worf has a natural ESP ability, a known ability per TOS episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
8) Worf was secretly working with the Borg or Q and Worf gave himself away a bit by chiming in a little too early

Any ideas what's going on there?

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