Uncle Jack from VOY "11:59"

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Uncle Jack from VOY "11:59"

Post by marsh8472 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:25 pm

KIM: It was around 2210. My uncle Jack was on a deep space mission to Beta Capricus.
PARIS: That's when deep space meant the next star over.
KIM: And that was when they still had to go into stasis. So, Jack put his crew under as soon as they left orbit, and piloted the ship by himself for six months.
NEELIX: No contact with anybody along the way?
KIM: There wasn't anybody along the way. Not back then. The transmitter wasn't even subspace. It took weeks to get a message back to Earth.
SEVEN: I would prefer stasis.
PARIS: Me too. That long alone, I'd probably go a little batty.
KIM: So, six months to Beta Capricus and when they finally arrive, there's nothing there.
NEELIX: No planets?
KIM: No. No star, no nothing. It turns out Beta Capricus was just an EM echo of a distant galaxy.
SEVEN: What was his course of action?
KIM: What else could he do? He turned the ship around and headed home.
JANEWAY: And the crew?
KIM: He figured there was no reason to bother them. There's nothing to see, nothing to do. So six months later he gets back to Earth, brings everybody out of stasis, and they wake up wondering why they haven't left orbit.

Sooo... 165 years earlier Harry Kim had an uncle. This was also 55 years after the enterprise series ended, where they "still" need to put people in stasis to travel into deep space which they considered "the next star over" back then. Make sense?

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